The Jelly Bean Campaign
  • The Tower vendor product range

The Tower vendor product range

The real attraction of our clever Tower Vendor is the irresistible range of 34 top quality products that are available.  The range has something for everyone and includes confectionery, savoury and nut products, a full list is shown below, that includes popular products from major manufacturers such as Nestle, Mars, Snack-a-Can, Haribo, Vidal, Big D, Glisten and many more.  To ensure you never get bored with our varieties, we are constantly adding new and exciting products, so keep an eye on this website!

The portion size cans are the perfect treat when your hunger pangs call or when you just need a tasty treat to satisfy those munchy moments!  Each purchase is vended in its own individual foil sealed can ensuring you enjoy the product in prime condition, and at just £1 they represent terrific value too.

The current range consists of the following 34 top quality tasty treats...

  • Jelly Beans  -  Mini Jelly Babies  -  Jelly Buttons  -  Fizzy Mix  -  Fizzy Cola Bottles  -  Fruit Chews  -  Shrimps and Bananas  -  Foam Strawberries  -  Chocolate Peanuts  -  Chocolate Raisins  -  Chocolate Mini Eggs - Chocolate Caramels   -  Pistachio Nuts  -  Cashew Nuts     Big D Salted Peanuts  -  Big D Dry Roasted Peanuts  -  Japanese Rice Crackers  -  Chilli Crackers  -  Jelly Hearts  -  Red & Black Berries     Chocolate Honeycombe  -  Black Jacks & Fruit Salads  -  Toffee & Lemon Bon-Bons  -  Sour Fizzy Mix  -  Mini Fizzy Mix  - Gummy Mix     Fizzy Strawberry Pencils  -  Rhubarb & Custard Pencils  -  Nestles Rolos  -  Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles



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