The Jelly Bean Campaign
  • Get your very own FREE Tower vendor!

Get your very own FREE Tower vendor!

Why not support The Acorns Chidren's Hospice and many other worthy children's hospices and charities by homing your very own Jelly Bean Campaign Tower Vendor - it's COMPLETELY FREE!

Our stylish, compact Tower vendor is the perfect convenient solution for when you get the munchies and you haven't the time, opportunity or inclination to pop out in the rain to satisfy your craving!  The Tower offers a wide selection of 9 high quality, tasty confectionery, nut and savoury products from a total range of 34 irresistible products, so there's no chance of getting bored with the choice.  For just £1 you get your own individual sealed can of fresh, tasty product, which is just enough to satisfy those munchies or hunger pangs - or maybe even share it with a special colleague!

Your local Jelly Bean Campaign organiser will regularly visit your company to top up your selections and keep the Tower in perfect order and looking good, and should your Tower empty quicker than expected, a call to your local organiser will ensure an urgent top up, and you can even request your favourite or new products.

Your Tower will be supplied and delivered completely free of charge, there are no contracts or obligation, and we take FULL responsibility for the Tower, stock and money, so should the worst happen we will sort it out without any charge to your company.  Should you eventually decide for whatever reason that you no longer need your Tower, simply ask for it to be removed.

To request your very own Jelly Bean Campaign Tower Vendor simply complete the boxes below and we will get back to you to arrange for a Tower to be dropped off to your company as soon as possible.

 So what are you waiting for...apply now and get munching!

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